Bringing CNS Members Together to Make Children’s Lives Better


Committees are the structure by which CNS gets work done. Through member involvement, strong connections are made and progress happens. We encourage you to apply for one (or more) of the 16 CNS Committees organized to lead CNS into its next 50 years.

Active Committees

With 16 active CNS committees, there are a variety of ways to get involved. From Membership and Program Planning, to Finance and Ethics, there’s a committee that meets your interests and expertise.

The 16 active CNS committees are:

To read descriptions, actions, and members for each, click on the committee name above.

To learn how CNS Committees interact with the Board of Directors, view the Committee Structure Chart. To understand how new committees are formed, view the Committee Development Process Chart.

Committee Roles and Appointments

Each committee is led by a chair and associate chair, and in some cases, a co-chair. A Board liaison and a staff liaison may also be selected to facilitate communication and provide logistical support. Appointments are limited to 15-20 members to ensure a diverse pool of ideas while remaining equitable; optimal committee size is 7 members.

Committee members are appointed annually on January 1 for one year, and are eligible for annual re-appointment based on term limits.

Once appointed, committee members are evaluated annually based on attendance at meetings, participation in conference calls and assignments, and the overall contribution of subject matter expertise. It also considers the member’s availability and schedule to ensure they can continue their commitment to the committee.

For more detailed information about the various roles available on each committee, view the Committee Roles page.

To view your current Committee Appointments, click here.

Time Commitment

Each committee conducts 4-6 regularly scheduled virtual meetings throughout the year, ranging from 1 to 2-1/2 hours each.

Members can expect to commit 15-20 hours annually to committee work. Chairs can expect to devote 40-50 hours annually, and associate chairs 30-40 hours.

All committee chairs and associate chairs are required to attend a quarterly update call with CNS Officers. All committee members are encouraged to attend CNS events.

Application Process

All CNS active and junior members are eligible to apply for committee appointment. The application period opens in April and closes in June.

Members will be notified via email of their appointment status in November.

Applicants not selected to serve on a committee will receive notification via email by the end of the calendar year.

We encourage all active and junior members to apply for an appointment. Participating in a committee is a great way to connect with colleagues and forge stronger professional bonds, and to elevate the impact of CNS on those we serve around the world.