Bringing CNS Members Together to Make Children’s Lives Better


A Year of Achievements and the Power of Volunteerism

Summer 2023

By Monique Terrell, CNS Executive Director/CEO

Monique Terrell, Executive Director/CEO

I hope this letter finds you all in good health and high spirits. As I reflect upon the past year, I am humbled and honored to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible support, dedication, and unwavering commitment to our organization. The value you bring through your volunteerism has been the cornerstone of our collective success.

It has been a momentous and transformative journey for me personally as well, as I complete my first year as Executive Director/CEO. From the beginning, this community has welcomed me with warmth and kindness, and I am truly grateful for that. Your trust and confidence in my leadership have driven our accomplishments over the past year.

Volunteerism lies at the heart of our organization’s ethos, and I am continually inspired by the dedication you demonstrate day in and day out. Your selfless contributions of time, expertise, and passion have helped us advance our initiatives and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we serve. Your unwavering commitment is a testament to your incredible value to our organization, and I want to express my sincerest appreciation for your involvement.

In my tenure as Executive Director/CEO, we have achieved significant milestones that have laid the foundation for a stronger and more cohesive organization. One of our primary objectives was to create a more open and transparent process for joining our CNS Committees, and I am thrilled to share that we have accomplished that goal. This approach ensures that every member has an equal opportunity to contribute their talents and ideas, fostering an inclusive environment for all.

I am delighted to share that our membership remains robust, with over 2,000 active and junior members and encouraging participation of over 300 medical students. We’re supported by 200 volunteers across 15 committees and 25 member-led special interest groups.

Together with our Bylaws and Membership committees, we’ve modernized our bylaws to enhance member engagement and governance. The updates make us more efficient, transparent, and adaptable to our members’ needs. You’ll have the opportunity to vote on these changes in September.

We recognized the need to fortify our internal capabilities to support our members better and further our mission. We took strategic steps to add critical staff and expertise to our team, which has significantly enhanced our ability to address challenges and deliver greater value to you.

Another significant accomplishment has been the launch of our employee handbook. This comprehensive guide ensures clarity and consistency in our practices, fosters a positive and harmonious work environment, and empowers our team to deliver excellence in all aspects of our work.

As we celebrate these achievements, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming 52nd CNS Annual Meeting, which promises to be a grand occasion for networking, knowledge sharing, and collective growth. I am excited about this year’s annual meeting held October 4-7 in Vancouver, BC. The stunning locale will undoubtedly serve as an inspirational backdrop to further strengthen the bonds within our community and chart a course for a brighter future.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without your steadfast support and the collective effort of our remarkable team. With great pride and enthusiasm, I look forward to the next phase of our journey together as we continue to build on our successes and overcome new challenges with the unwavering spirit that defines our organization.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt thanks to CNS President Bruce Cohen, President-Elect Peter Kang, Secretary-Treasurer Lori Jordan, and the full board for driving the positive changes we have achieved thus far. Together, we shall embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and profoundly impact the lives of those we touch.

With utmost gratitude and warmest regards.