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The Annals of the Child Neurology Society (ACNS)

Founded in 2022, Annals of the Child Neurology Society (ACNS) is an open-access clinical companion journal to the Annals of Neurology, the Society’s other official journal. ACNS provides essential information for clinicians and investigators about the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of the neurological disorders of children and adolescents. ACNS is owned by the Child Neurology Society and published under contract with John Wiley, Inc., the publisher of Annals of Neurology.

ACNS publishes peer-reviewed clinical and translational research articles, epidemiological studies, topical reviews, case series, case reports, educational image vignettes, quality improvement articles, and commentaries on medicine or societal factors that affect the care of children with neurological disease. Clinically relevant basic science articles are also welcomed. To access ACNS, see

Submission Process

The Scholar One manuscript submission site is relatively easy to navigate. ACNS mirrors the manuscript format of the Annals of Neurology, but our flexible format policy allows you to use whatever manuscript format you like. As long as all the needed information is present, we can take care of the formatting. Wiley requires that at least one author include an ORCID account number.

  • Although it is not mandatory, we ask authors to suggest potential social media feeds.
  • To reach the manuscript submission portal and the author guidelines, click the “Contribute” tab on the ACNS website. You may also submit a manuscript directly at

Publication Fees & Discounts

ACNS is an open-access journal, so the authors retain the copyright of the articles in exchange for a publication fee. The journal’s website contains the publication fee schedule. As a reminder:

  • CNS members receive a 20% discount on the publication fees for research and review articles. 
  • The CNS will pay the publication fee for a limited number of articles whose first author is a junior CNS member and any article arising from a CNS award presentation. Please contact the editor-in-chief for details. 
  • Many funders and institutions of higher learning have an open access account agreement with Wiley that covers part or all of the authors’ fees. Wiley also has a program that heavily discounts authors’ fees in designated resource-poor countries. See the participating institutions and the list of country waivers and discounts

If you want to discuss the suitability of a manuscript topic prior to submission, please contact Editor-in-Chief E. Steve Roach (, the appropriate ACNS associate editor, or the journal’s managing editor Christina Roth ( 

For those of you who are Twitter buffs, please follow: @AnnalsCNS.