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CNS Coding Library

This library has been reviewed and complied by the Practice Committee of the CNS, last updated 1/1/22.  If there are papers you feel that belong in this list, the committee would be happy to consider adding these papers.  Special thanks to Dr. Jones for savaging the literature and the committee reviewing and categorizing the importance of the papers. The next review is planned for December 2022.    

Must Read:

Villanueva, R., Busis, N. A., Cohen, B. H., & Ciccarelli, L. (2021). The Transformation of Documenting and Coding: Evaluation and Management Codes for Outpatient Neurology Services. Continuum (Minneapolis, Minn.)27(6), 1790–1808. 

Cohen, B. H., Busis, N. A., Villanueva, R., & Ciccarelli, L. (2020). Evaluation and Management Codes for Outpatient Neurology Services in 2021: Changes to 99202-99215. Continuum (Minneapolis, Minn.)26(6), 1686–1697.

Should Read:

Cohen, B. H., Busis, N. A., & Ciccarelli, L. (2020). Coding in the World of COVID-19: Non-Face-to-Face Evaluation and Management Care. Continuum (Minneapolis, Minn.)26(3), 785–798.

Other Papers of Possible Interest:

Villanueva, R., & Cohen, B. H. (2018). Coding for Behavioral Neurology and Psychiatry. Continuum (Minneapolis, Minn.)24(3, BEHAVIORAL NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY), 926–935.