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What’s New: Community/Partner Organizations: Enroll now in the ABPN Article-Based Continuing Certification (ABCC) Pathway

The ABPN’s new Article Based Continuing Certification (ABCC) Pathway is an ongoing professional journal article-based assessment activity now available as an optional alternative to the traditional 10-year recertification/continuing certification examination for Part III of the ABPNContinuing Certification (CC) Program. 

  • Diplomates with active certificates in the CC program can now view individualized article assessment requirements and enroll in the ABCC pathway through the new, user-friendly ABPN Physician Portal through December 31. 
  • All diplomates with active CC certificates who are enrolled in the ABCC Pathway will begin article assessments in 2022, regardless of when they last passed a certification or recertification examination.
  •  All diplomates with active 10-Year certificates should refer to information below on ABCC enrollment, application details, and timeline. 
  • Diplomates with lapsed or non-time limited (Lifetime) certificates will be eligible to participate in the ABCC Pathway beginning January 15, 2022. See information below.

For more information, go to the ABPN website