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Proposed PECN Bylaws

Nancy Bass, MD President
Nancy Bass, MD

Dear PECN members,

I hope all of you are finally enjoying the emerging spring weather. The proposed bylaws have been reviewed and revised by the current PECN board of directors, CNS/PECN legal counsel, and past PECN Board members dating back to 2016. Changes made are largely stylistic (language), but three substantive revisions/additions have been made as noted below.

Click to download newly revised PECN bylaws. (Click to download PECN current bylaws.)

For these bylaws to supersede the current bylaws, last amended in August 2015, a majority of votes for approval meeting quorum requirements equaling 1/3 of eligible voting members* is needed. On-line balloting will begin Monday, May 23 and end Monday, June 6; the link will be sent via CNS Connect on the 23rd.

*Eligible voting members: Only one member from each Child Neurology or NDD training program may vote: either the Training Program Director or the Division Chief (but not both). Please confer with your colleagues to confirm in advance which member will cast your program’s vote.

I encourage you to read through the bylaws in their entirety. There are basically three important changes made in this revision which I will summarize as follows:

  1. Active Membership–expanded requirements: These new bylaws allow for the inclusion of additional educators as active members. In addition to past or present heads of divisions and departments, training directors, or associate training directors at CN Programs or at NDD Programs, the new bylaws provide for inclusion of the following important additions:

    1) Newly appointed program directors who are working on setting up a Child Neurology and/or Neurodevelopmental Disabilities residency training program; 2) fellowship training directors; and 3) neurology clerkship directors or associate clerkship directors who are child neurologists.
  2. Addition of a new Director at Large position specifically for Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
  3. PECN Committees
    The committees have been renamed and redefined to include the following:
    1) Membership Committee
    2) Match Committee
    3) Medical Student Committee
    4) Residency Committee
    5) Fellowship Committee
    6) Committee on Leadership/Diversity/Equity and Inclusion (Joint CNS/PECN LDEI Committee)
    7) Digital Committee

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review these bylaws and submit your vote. After the bylaws are approved, we will then proceed with elections for the open positions for the PECN Board of Directors. I will review these positions in detail in a later posting.

Nancy Bass, MD
Professors and Educators of Child Neurology (PECN)