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Letter from the President – Ukraine

Bruce H. Cohen, MD
Bruce H. Cohen, MD

Dear CNS Members,

I believe we are all deeply horrorstruck by the events in Ukraine. As medical professionals that care for children with neurological and developmental disorders, we are well aware of the disproportionate physical and psychological affects the children in Ukraine with medical illness of all types are suffering. I am sure you are aware from the news reports that hospitals and pharmacy systems have been targeted, leaving vulnerable children without medical care, including necessary medications and supplies to treat chronic and acute illnesses. The bravery and resolve of the medical care teams in Ukraine is both inspiring and humbling. As a professional organization, the CNS must acknowledge the devastation and total absence of humanity that is befallingwithin themselves to act.

Phil Pearl, Past-President of the CNS, has been assisting me all day long in communications with Drs. Jo Wilmshurst and Ingrid Tein, President and Past-President of the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA), and other organizations looking for ways that our community can help.

I have been asked to be a member of the AAN Ukraine Crisis Response Work Group to address the Ukraine crisis. This group will be debriefed tonight about the nature and extent of services and support organizations or individuals can offer doctors and patients displaced from or imperiled within the borders of Ukraine. Moments ago the membership of the AAN received a memo from Orly Avitzur, MD, President of the AAN, announcing the AAN Work Group and listing potential charitable foundations accepting donations to help those in need.

Meanwhile, I urge you to consider doing what I just did: visit (or, and donate what you feel is appropriate. I hope to issue an update with additional information soon.

Bruce H. Cohen, MD