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Seminar Proposals

The submission period has closed. Deadline: February 22, 2024


Acceptance emails will be sent to session organizers/proposers in April.

We look forward to reviewing your innovative and engaging Seminar proposals!

Please note that all presentations will be conducted in person, and remote presentations will not be available. However, selected sessions will be recorded and posted OnDemand.


We are seeking Seminar submissions that align with one of the following three Tracks:

Clinical Practice:

Data-driven expert summaries of the current approach to the diagnosis and management of pediatric neurologic conditions. These summaries should be explicit regarding the strength of data supporting practice recommendations, but can include some single center practice paradigms if appropriate and explicitly stated. Inclusion of illustrative case discussions is encouraged.   

Research Advances:

Discussion of cutting-edge research advances and how this research may eventually transform our care of people with pediatric neurologic conditions. Research can be of any type (including but not limited to basic science, translational neuroscience, clinical research, and public health research) as long as it has the potential to inform future pediatric neurologic care.

Leadership and Career Development:

Discussion of leadership opportunities, career development, and career paths of interest to the CNS membership. Submissions tailored to specific career stages (e.g. mid vs. late career) or practice types (e.g. academic vs. private practice) are encouraged.


Across all three Tracks, Seminars are 1.25 hours in length and can be submitted in one of two formats:


Featuring up to 3 speakers + 1 organizer (the organizer may also be a speaker, but there can be no more than 3 speakers in total). Each speaker should speak for less than 20 minutes, with at least 15 minutes reserved for Q and A. 


Involving 3-6 panelists or moderators + 1 organizer. These seminars limit the use of formal lectures and instead rely on moderated small-group discussions or hands-on skills sessions.


Curious about the different seminar proposal tracks and submissions? Watch a short video featuring chair, Dr. Aravamuthan below: