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Cerebral Palsy Training Survey

Program directors, division heads and trainees,

On behalf of the Child Neurology Society Cerebral Palsy Special Interest Group, we are writing to request your participation in a research study about cerebral palsy training in child neurology and neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD) programs (OHSU IRB #21555). We are requesting the participation of child neurology division heads, child neurology and NDD training program directors, and child neurology and NDD trainees. Please complete the survey AND forward the email to your child neurology and NDD trainees. The online survey should take only 10 minutes. You may enter in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card by entering your email at the end of the survey. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be linked to your survey.


Your participation is greatly appreciated. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jenny Wilson, MD (main contact:
Oregon Health & Science University

Bhooma Aravamuthan, MD, DPhil
Washington University School of Medicine

Young-Min Kim, MD
Loma Linda University

Jennifer O’Malley, MD
Stanford University

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