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Apply by July 6 to Join NAEC Practice Guideline Panel

The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) is pleased to announce that it is undertaking the development of an evidence-informed practice guideline for epilepsy centers. NAEC is currently seeking panel applicants through its on-line form. Completed applications are due by July 6, 2021.

NAEC will follow an evidence-informed process that meets current standards for national and international guidelines using explicit and transparent methods. The guidelines will be developed by a designated panel of experts screened for conflicts of interest that represent important stakeholders in the epilepsy center multi-disciplinary team, as well as individuals with epilepsy and parents and caregivers of individuals with epilepsy. The development of the guideline document will follow a clear process that incorporates existing evidence-based literature, supplemental data from accredited epilepsy centers collected via surveys, and the expert knowledge of the experienced panelists.

As background, NAEC published the third iteration of its Guidelines for Essential Services, Personnel, and Facilities in Specialized Epilepsy Centers in 2010 following earlier versions published in 1990 and 2001. The NAEC Board began discussions in 2020 on how to update the current published document to better align it with NAEC’s well-recognized center accreditation program and decided to pursue guideline development following a more rigorous approach involving a broader group of stakeholders. More information on NAEC and the Guideline development process can be found here.

NAEC contracted with EBQ Consulting to assist the Association in developing the guideline document to reflect the desired quality, safety, and practice standards of level 3 and level 4 epilepsy centers, aligned with NAEC’s accreditation program. EBQ has significant experience in evidence-based and evidence-informed guidelines. They provide a team of highly educated, skilled, and experienced methodologists, data analysts, medical librarians, and managers to this project.

NAEC is very excited to undertake guideline development using an evidence-informed process that includes broad representation of epilepsy providers, caregivers, patients, and families. We hope you and your members will be interested in joining us in this effort. Please contact Ellen Riker, NAEC’s Executive Director with any questions at or 202-800-7072.

Warm Regards,
Susan Herman, MD