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2008a Newborn with hypotonia and poor feeding Case
2008b 4 year old with seizures and language delay Case
2008c 7 yr old with generalized weakness and rash Case
2008d Newborn with hypotonia and metabolic acidosis Case
2008e 10-month-old with right eye nystagmus and head nodding Case
2008f 7-week-old with horizontal nystagmus and head bobbing Case
2008g 18 year old girl with confusion Case
2008h 16 year old girl with alteration of consciousness and seizures Case
2008i 11 month old girl with lower extremity weakness Case
2008j 14 year old boy with a history of ADHD who presents for evaluation of diffuse weakness Case
2008k 7-year-old girl with right facial palsy, right gaze palsy and ataxia Case
2009a A 4 day-old full term infant with suspected seizures Case
2009b A 15 month old boy with global developmental delay and hypotonia Case
2009c 14-year-old boy with worsening epilepsy since immunization at 7 months of age Case
2009d 14-year-old girl with confusion and involuntary movements Case
2009e A 2 day old girl with nuchal cord and seizures Case
2009f A 13 year old girl with attacks of vertigo and tinnitus Case
2009g 5-month-old twins with fever and status epilepticus Case
2009h A 12 year-old girl with cafe-au-lait macules, lingual neurofibroma and eye movement deficit Case
2009i A 2.5 month old boy with status epilepticus and fever Case
2009j A 5 month-old with failure to thrive, hypotonia and developmental delay Case
2009k A 22 month old girl with tonic stiffening and developmental delay Case
2010a A 2.5 year-old boy with vomiting and nystagmus Case
2010b A 4-year-old girl with longstanding developmental delay and new onset of seizures. Case
2010c A 2 year old boy with an acute febrile illness and a history of motor delay Case
2010d A 4 year old boy with left facial twitching Case
2010e A 12 month old boy with fever and bilateral leg weakness and right arm weakness Case
2011a An 18-month-old girl with leg weakness and tremor Case
2011b A 3 month old boy with a 3 day history of progressive difficulty feeding Case
2011c A 2 month old boy with limb jerking Case
2011d A 23 month old girl with abnormal eye movements and difficulty walking Case
2011e A 12-year-old boy with a 3-day history of waxing and waning weakness Case
2012a 17 year old girl with headache exacerbated by neck flexion Case
2012b A 6 month old boy with steadily progressive hypertonicity, decreased oral intake, irritability, and regression Case
2012c An 18 year-old girl with arm weakness and paresthesia Case
2013a An 11 month-old girl with developmental delay and new onset ptosis and dysconjugate gaze Case
2013b An 8 year old boy with back pain, progressive leg weakness, and urinary incontinence Case
2014a A 10 year old boy with double vision and poor balance Case
A 12 day old boy with irritability and poor feeding progressing to somnolence Case
2014c A 14 month old girl with hypotonia, seizures, and developmental regression
2014d A 32 month old girl with global developmental delays and abnormal eye movements
2014e A 4 day old boy with progressive hypotonia and apneic spells
2014f A 3 year-old with wobbly gait and falls Case
2014g A 2 year-old with torticollis Case
2014h A 6 month old girl with hypotonia and bilateral ptosis Case
2014i An 8 year old boy with weakness Case
A 13 year-old boy with leg cramps and gait disturbance Case
2014k An 8 year-old girl with frequent night wakings, daytime sleepiness, and new onset falls Case
2015a Expert A 17 year old boy with progressive visual and hearing loss Case
2015b A 12 year-old girl with a six year history of frequent episodes of transient alterations of awareness Case
A 4 month old boy with poor feeding and decreased activity Case
An 8 year old boy with left sided hemiballismus - hemichorea Case
A 16 year-old girl with pituitary deficiency and bilateral perisylvian polymicrogyria presenting with increased seizure clustering Case
A 3 year-old girl with persistent seizures Case
A 5-year-old boy with posturing Case
A 10 year old girl with right hemichorea Case
A 10-year-old boy with a history of regression and myoclonic seizures Case
2015j A 17-year-old with onset over days of left-sided weakness Case
2016a A 5 year old boy with recent diagnosis of herpes encephalitis Case
2016b A 1 day old girl with seizures Case
2016c A 14-year-old boy with weakness and numbness of the left side of the body following a football-related head injury Case
2016d A 9-month-old boy with weakness and floppiness that developed over hours  Case
2016e A 15 year old boy with acute paraparesis while playing catch Case
 2016f  A 15 year old with transient blurred vision and unusual speech Case 
 2016g  A 15 year-old boy with generalized weakness Case