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The Importance of Intracellular Chloride Concentration and Neuronal Volume in Neonatal Seizures.

Spring/Summer 2019 | CNS Connections magazine

Neonatal seizures are a pernicious problem confronting child neurologists. While they are common and cause substantial morbidity, their pathophysiology is poorly understood. Most of the treatments for neonatal seizures consist…

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Focus on Young Researchers: Development of a Simple Blood Test for Mitochondrial Disorders

Spring/Summer 2018 | CNS Connections magazine

As all child neurologists know, “mitochondrial disorder” is frequently on the differential diagnosis for many children with neurological disease. However, determining whether a patient actually has a mitochondrial disorder is…

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Aaron Boes, MD, PhD

Thinking Outside the Lesion: Lesion Network Mapping

Winter 2018 | CNS Connections magazine

Important advances in neurology often begin with an intellectually curious physician observing an interesting patient. Such was the case that led Dr. Aaron Boes to the discovery of lesion network…

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Dr. Laura Lehman examines the neuroimaging studies of a child with stroke.

TIA and Stroke in Children

Winter 2017 | CNS Connections magazine

Transient ischemic attack (TIA) and stroke afflict millions of adults each year. In response, neurologists have conducted many clinical and basic science studies addressing the subject of cerebrovascular disease in…

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Improving Post-op Outcomes of Infants with Delayed Rewarming

Winter 2016 | CNS Connections magazine

To a greater extent than any of us would prefer, medicine is often practiced by habit. We do things the way they’ve always been done – because it’s the way…

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Dr. Sarah Mulkey performs a follow-up neurologic exam on a one-year old infant with neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy.

Brain Imaging: The Heart of the Matter for Newborns with Congenital Heart Disease

Fall 2015 | CNS Connections magazine

Child neurologists know that surgery on newborns with complex congenital heart disease can be accompanied by strokes or hypoxic brain injuries. Less well appreciated is the fact that half of…

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Uncovering the Mysteries of Brain Malformations and Epilepsy through the use of Resected Human Tissue

Winter 2015 | CNS Connections magazine

Laura Jansen, MD, PhD is a physician-scientist and a perfect example of how an individual with training as both a physician and neuroscientist can utilize that dual expertise to advance…

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Illuminating the Pathway through Signaling Pathways

August/September 2014 | CNS Connections magazine

Many of the most challenging diseases confronting child neurologists are genetic disorders that disrupt signaling pathways. These abnormal signaling pathways, when present in neurons and glia, can give rise to…

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Drs. Jayne Ness (L) and Anne Comi (R) compare notes following Anne’s presentation of a late-breaking abstract outlining the Sturge Weber breakthrough that garnered a standing ovation in the ballroom.

Identification of the Gene Causing Sturge Weber Syndrome

April/May 2014 | CNS Connections magazine

Every now and then, conditions are ripe for a scientific breakthrough. These “conditions” include not only access to advanced technological tools that can facilitate a new discovery, but also (and,…

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Exploring Telemedicine for Pediatric Epilepsy

January/February 2014 | CNS Connections magazine

When a child has a chronic illness, just getting to a pediatric specialist’s office for a clinic visit can be a significant burden for the child and family. This is…

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