See you all in Charlotte!

By Tim Lotze, M.D. | President, Professors of Child Neurology

Timothy Lotze, MD

I am looking forward to our annual meeting of Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Residency Program Directors at the Professors of Child Neurology Meeting. I wanted to give you this preview of what to expect. During our first hour, we will have our business agenda. We will be hearing of NRMP Match results for our specialties from Leon Dure as well as a report from Brad Schlaggar regarding the R25 program. I have additionally invited Laurie Gutman and Louise Castile from the ACGME to review the latest residency program requirements. Also from the ACGME, Laura Edgar, will be giving us an update on the upcoming revisions to the Child Neurology Residency Milestones. Finally, Jamie Capal will provide us with an overview of outstanding scholarship and advocacy opportunities for our residents and young faculty through involvement with the American Academy of Pediatrics Section of Neurology.

We are again offering two hours of CME for the latter half of this meeting. In keeping an eye on physician wellness, I will be discussing resources for individual programs to utilize in the development of these programs for their residents and faculty. I will additionally take this opportunity to invite programs to sign up for the PCN monthly webinar, which I am looking to launch in late Fall 2019. This webinar will have a preliminary goal focused on physician wellness. Beyond this, I am hoping that it will continue with regularly scheduled sessions covering topics related to resident training. Jennifer Thomas will give us an interesting talk on how to identify and manage the “imposter syndrome” in our field- a condition that many of us have dealt with and can encounter in trainees. Finally, Dara Albert will provide a practical method of establishing an OSCE for residency training, so that we might better evaluate and identify key areas to improve an individual resident’s performance.

Come to Charlotte prepared to nominate yourself or a colleague for one of three open seats on the PCN Board of Directors:
• Director-at-Large (2-year term)
• Secretary-treasurer (4-year term)
• President-elect (4-year term: one year asPresident-elect, two years as President, one year as Past-President).

Nominations may be submitted on hard copy at the PCN Meeting or on-line the week of October 20-27. A final slate of candidates will be posted for 30-day-online balloting beginning November 1.