Bringing CNS Members Together to Make Children’s Lives Better


Q&A with E. Steve Roach, MD, Immediate Past President of CNS

Winter 2024 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION | What prompted the creation of the Annals of the Child Neurology Society? Annals of Neurology is a terrific journal, and we should be proud of it. Annals’ articles…

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Q&A with CNS President-Elect, Peter Kang, MD

Winter 2023 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION | What is your biggest goal for your term as CNS President? My number one goal is to bring greater visibility to child neurology and to children with neurological…

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Jonathan Mink, MD, PhD President, CNS

Q&A with Outgoing President Jonathan Mink

Fall 2019 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION | What is the best thing about being President of the CNS? I think the best thing has been the privilege to represent the profession of child neurology in…

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Stress and Adversity Sculpt the Developing Brain

Fall 2018 | CNS Connections magazine

Dr. Tallie Z. Baram is well known to all members of the Child Neurology Society. As one of the foremost researchers in the world working on the developing brain, Dr….

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Toward Treatments and Cures for Rare Diseases: Perspective of Dr. Erika Augustine

Winter 2018 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION| Let’s start by talking about the development of therapeutics for rare diseases. How did you become interested in this topic? One of the great aspects of clinical child neurology…

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Q&A with Outgoing President Kenneth Mack

Fall 2017 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION | What is the best thing about being President of the CNS? Being President of the Child Neurology Society has been a joyful experience. I most appreciated the opportunity…

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Dr. Huda Zoghbi

Dr. Huda Zoghbi: Scientist for the 21st Century

Spring 2017 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION| What is the most important quality that a physician-scientist can have? Curiosity. Especially, the ability to question assumptions and to dig deep for answers. QUESTION| What is the most…

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International Affairs Committee member Ken Holden (l) and Chair, Jorge Vidaurre (r); have been actively involved in several Central and South American projects and conferences, cultivating invaluable relationships with child neurologists to the south.

Child Neurology on the World State

Winter 2016 | CNS Connections magazine

QUESTION | What are the proposed goals of the International Affairs Committee? Our main goal is to improve the delivery of pediatric neurological care in developing countries and in areas…

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Q & A with “Transitioning” CNS President, Nina Schor

Fall 2015 | CNS Connections magazine

Editor’s Note: I first met Dr. Schor about twenty years ago, when I was still a resident. I was working in a lab and trying to learn how to perform…

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Anatomy of a CNS Annual Meeting: How Does a Meeting Get its Shape?

April/May 2013 | CNS Connections magazine

Mustafa Sahin, MD, PhD, is currently serving his second year as Chair of the Scientific Selection and Program Planning Committee responsible for planning and organizing the content of the annual…

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