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Easy Intermediate Expert Level I Expert Level II Expert Level III
Case ID Rating Title
2016g A 15 year-old boy with generalized weakness
2016f A 15 year-old with transient blurred vision and unusual speech
2016e A 15 year old boy with acute paraparesis while playing catch
2016d A 9 month-old with weakness and floppiness that developed over hours
2016c A 14-year-old boy with weakness and numbness of the left side of the body following a football-related head injury
2016b A 1 day old girl with seizures
2016a A 5-year-old boy with recent diagnosis of herpes encephalitis
2015j A 17 year-old with onset over days of left-sided weakness
2015i A 10-year-old boy with a history of regression and myoclonic seizures
2015h A 10 year old girl with right hemichorea