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Easy Intermediate Expert Level I Expert Level II Expert Level III
Case ID Rating Title
2023d A 15-year-old boy with chronic progressive weakness
2023c A 9-month-old boy with infantile seizures
2023b A 4-month-old infant girl with dysmorphic features and new onset seizures
2023a A 17-year-old girl with progressive weakness and sensory disturbance
2022d A 10-year-old boy with cognitive changes, weakness, and progressive loss of ambulation
2022c A 16-year-old young man with refractory epilepsy and status epilepticus.
2022b A newborn boy with hypotonia, cerebral dysgenesis, and bilateral retinal detachments
2022a A 5-year-old girl with abnormal movements and change in speech
2021e An 8-month-old girl with a bilateral facial port wine birthmark and a new onset seizure
2021d A 5 year-old boy with headache, fever, and seizures