Through the Elizabeth F. Hobdell Research Grant Fund, the ACNN funds nursing research projects focused on identifying and improving nursing practice and care in the pediatric neurosciences. The Research Grant is an opportunity for nurses to develop evidence-based care for neurology and neurosurgery patients and disseminate new knowledge to a wide population of nurses and nurse practitioners. The fund is open to applications throughout the year.

Elizabeth "Ricki" Hobdell is an outstanding lifetime member of the Association of Child Neurology Nurses. ACNN members experienced Ricki's dedication to pediatric neurology nursing while she served as President of ACNN in 2005-2007.

During her presidency, Ricki ensured the achievement of many initiatives including:

  • Naming of the Nursing Excellence Award in honor of Claire Chee
  • Establishment of the Janet Brucker Keynote Address to be given at the annual conference
  • Development of ACNN regions
  • Approval of telephone triage guidelines for epilepsy
  • A new Nursing Research Grant in collaboration with the Child Neurology Foundation

Ricki was a staff nurse, clinical instructor and mentor for graduate nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania. She worked as a clinical nurse specialist, advanced practice nurse and nurse practitioner for almost 30 years. Ricki concluded her career in the Clinical Research Center where many of the research patients had neurological diseases.

Ricki found the time to carry out significant research, publishing in peer-reviewed journals, lecturing widely and taking on national responsibilities. Her research publications focused on chronic sorrow and quality of life in children and families with epilepsy and neural tube defects, vagus nerve stimulation, and mitochondrial encephalalopathies in epilepsy.

Thank you for recognizing Ricki's contributions to child neurology nursing and the important work of all child neurology nurses with your contribution to the Elizabeth F. Hobdell Nursing Research Award Fund.