The YoungStroke 2015 conference at Jacksonville, Florida is a critical opportunity for survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals to help shape a new agenda for young stroke in America. With endorsement from the World Stroke Organization and sponsorship by the Mayo Clinic, YoungStroke 2015 will bring together stakeholders to collaborate and serve as a catalyst for changes in policy, communities and the healthcare system.

This international, inaugural event aims to propel awareness of young stroke survivors to the forefront of public attention and raise the level of discussion among policymakers. Presentation topics will include: clinical practices and rehabilitative therapies specific to young stroke, community interventions to reduce young stroke and raise awareness, the cultural context of strokes in the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor aka Stroke Buckle region (see darkened area) of America’s Stroke Belt States… where stroke mortality is greater than elsewhere. 

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