CNS Members are encouraged to spend (part of) their holiday and/or snowday "free time" cobbling together proposals for the 2017 CNS Annual Meeting Scientific Program to be held October 4-7, 2017 in Kansas City, MO. Proposals will be accepted for review on the CNS website January 2-31. Guidelines and link will be posted December 30.

1. Three 2.25 hour symposia slots will be filled from among CNS member proposals, complementing the three other symposia already on tap: the Wednesday NDC symposium (Leukodystrophies), the Thursday morning Presidential Symposium, and the Saturday afternoon CNF Symposium.

2. Six 1.25 hour breakfast seminar slots will be filled from among the CNS member proposals.

3. Four 1.25 hour Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions will be scheduled. SIGs are encouraged to communicate within their CNS Connect workspaces to develop competitive proposals to be considered by the CNS Scientific Program Planning Committee.