We wish to invite the Child Neurology Society to provide your review of the American Academy of Neurology quality measures for Inpatient and Emergency Neurology. These measures are posted for public comment for the next 30 days, from Friday, February 5, to Sunday, March 6, 2016. 

Highlights of this set:

  • Measure set created in partnership with the Neurohospitalist Society and the Neurocritical Care Society
  • Consensus document developed with a multi-stakeholder work group          
  • 13 proposed measures on topics including brain death, urinary catheters, delirium, GBS, Myasthenic Crisis, status epilepticus, bacterial meningitis, advanced directives, and goals of care

How to Submit Comments 

1. Download a pdf copy of the document

2. Carefully review the document

3. Submit your comments, or if preferred, AAN staff would be interested in receiving feedback via a teleconference or email exchange.  The AAN appreciates your review.

Everyone is invited to review the measurement set and comment on the set as a whole, as well as on each individual measure. The measurement set is intended to guide quality improvement efforts, and select measures may be used in accountability programs. Following the public comment period, the work group leadership will respond to each comment. The measurement set will be revised, as appropriate, based on comments received. Please forward this information to others who may offer insight and expertise.

This measure set is made available at this time only for the purpose of obtaining comments from professionals and the public.Because this document is not in its final, publishable form, we ask that you maintain discretion by refraining from publishing, posting, disseminating, or otherwise releasing the contents of this document until further notice is received from the AAN.

We hope you will submit your comments on the website by midnight on Sunday, March 6, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Lee at (612) 928-6020 or elee@aan.com

Thank you, 

Erin E. Lee
Program Manager, Measure Development
American Academy of Neurology
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Minneapolis, MN 55415
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