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We invite you to browse from among the 100+ videos in this section to get a better sense of child neurology in general, or specific child neurologists and/or child neurology training programs. We also invite you to check out the informational resources posted by our sister organization, the Child Neurology Foundation on the website.

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Remembering Dr Berg 2

Remembering Dr Berg 2

Speaker(s): Donna Ferriero, MDNancy Bass, MD

Video Duration: 9:42

Remembering Dr. Berg 1

Remembering Dr. Berg 1

Speaker(s): Jonathan Strober, MD

Program(s): Child Neurology Society Meetings

Video Duration: 4:21

Timothy Bernard, MD, MCSC

Timothy Bernard, MD, MCSC, pt 1

Speaker(s): Timothy Bernard, MD, MSCS

Program(s): Stanford University Program

Video Duration: 1:53