Active Members. Active members shall be registered nurses with a current active license from the state, province or country in which the member practices.  Active members will be entitled to vote on all matters and may serve on all committees and hold an elected office in the Corporation.
Associate Members. Associate members shall be persons interested in fostering the objectives of the Corporation, including LPN, LVN, PA and allied health professionals. Associate members shall not have any voting rights or serve as an officer in the Corporation, but may serve on all committees, except the Executive Committee.

  Student Members. Student members are nursing students who are currently enrolled either full or part time in an approved nursing program. Members dues for student members will be 1/3 of general member dues.  Student members shall have the same rights and privileges as associate members.

If you are interested in learning more about our honorary or lifetime memberships or reduced membership fees due to special circumstances please contact ACNN at 651-486-9447 or email Sue at schussman@childneurologysociety,org



Active Members - $75

Associate Members (LPN, LVN, PA and allied health professionals) - $60

Student and Special Population Members - $25

If you are interested in learning more about our Honorary or Lifetime Memberships or reduced membership fees due to special circumstances please call the ACNN National Office at 651-486-9447 or send an email to Sue Hussman at


• Annual conference registration discount

• Access to online information including member contact information for networking (including participation in special interest groups such as ketogenic diet, headache, etc), quarterly newsletter, professional resources and annual conference presentation slides

• Regional meetings of ACNN members

• Eligibility to apply for a Child Neurology Society Education Travel Award for ACNN Members

• Eligibility to apply for the Elizabeth F. Hobdell Nursing Research Grant

• Eligibility for the Claire Chee Award for Excellence in Child Neurology Nursing

• Eligibility to apply for the Innovative Clinical Practice in Child Neurology Nursing Award

  • Professional development through participation on committees that advance the goals of the organization