Maureen Sheehan, President ACNN

Dear Colleagues:

It’s been a record-breaking year for ACNN as we prepare for Vancouver.

We had a record number of abstracts for conference presentations submitted, so many we regretfully had to turn a number away with invitations to submit again next year.

We will have a record number of posters from ACNN members displayed in Vancouver.

Based on the presentations and posters accepted, ACNN members from throughout Canada and coast-to-coast in the US will be attending. At lunch on Thursday each region will have a designated table with a facilitator to promote networking. We are also going to have a presentation from Jo Ellen Lee at Children’s Nationwide about how to organize a successful regional meeting. No one does it as well as the ACNN members at Nationwide!

This year the ACNN conference format is going to be a little different from years past. We have organized the presentations thematically. ACNN members will be able to spend a couple of hours at one time hearing several speakers explore different aspects of a single topic. Topics range from anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis to headaches to non-epileptic events.

Every year we hear from colleagues who would like to attend the ACNN meeting but who face financial and time barriers. The ACNN travel grants, supported in part by CNS (thank you!), are a big help, but do not cover the entire cost of the meeting. Please reach out to your nurse colleagues, invite them to attend ACNN/CNS in Vancouver, and ask them what you can to do to make it happen for them.

Thank you and see you in Vancouver!

Maureen Sheehan, CPNP
President, ACNN