Tara portrait

Dear ACNN Colleagues,

The Board is ready for the Charlotte 2019 conference to be the best conference yet! With more speakers and attendees than ever before, Valerie Fuller, DNP and member of the National Council State Board of Nursing will begin our conference with updates on the national level.  Our lectures will be almost double the number and include the newest treatments in neurogenetics, epilepsy treatments, syndromes and complications, increased intracranial pressure, headache management strategies, and transition to care. We will formally announce the 2019 award recipients for Claire Chee, Nurse Practitioner, and Innovation in Practice awards and encourage all to consider their best mentors and shining examples for the future.

ACNN twitter page will keep everyone up to date on conference happenings and connected to the latest news from ACNN. The podium presentations will be available online a few months after the conference. The SIG’s will be posted on the Connect site of the CNS website soon (http://connect.childneurologysociety.org/home) so conversations can foster questions and facilitate collaboration among members before, during and after the conference.

The Child Neurology Encounter Guide and the Caregiver Resource Guide’s will be available during the conference and are always available on the website. The conference will be held at The Charlotte Convention Center on October 23-26th, 2019. Remember your sneakers for the scavenger hunt this year in leu of the 5k to try and raise money for the Hobdell research grant, but come with ideas for research so we can help guide your work and considerations for applying for the Hobdell grant.

In the next few years we would like to take it further in providing the next generation of child neurology APRN providers and RN’s with the resources necessary to transition to care and develop innovation through research and positive experiences. Please partake in our posted surveys (soon to come) to ensure our board can develop and deliver the best approach to the support and training of excellence in the future neurology nurses of the world.


Tara Pezzuto, DNP

President ACNN