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  Meghan Gilman

    RN, BSN


  Current place of employment:

     The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


   Years employed there:

     4 Years


  Other work experience:

     CVS Pharmacy- 5 years




What attracted you to the field of child neurology nursing?

During my time at Villanova University I had the opportunity to complete my pediatric clinical rotation on the neurology unit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It was such a rewarding experience and I really enjoyed the patient population. After completing my rotation I applied for a job at CHOP and my first choice was neurology. I was lucky enough to get hired!


What is one of your most rewarding moments since becoming a child neurology nurse?

One particular patient stands out. This patient failed multiple anti-epileptic medications, underwent a hemispherectomy, continued to have seizures and eventually started the ketogenic diet.  By the time they left the hospital they were almost seizure free, smiling and moving all around! Just to see such a dramatic transformation and the change it made in the parent’s life was such a rewarding experience!


Have you identified any specific short and/or long term professional goals for yourself?

I was recently promoted from a level II RN to a level III RN. This promotion meant a lot to me because it signifies that all the hard work I have been doing has paid off and been noticed on a hospital wide level.


In either your professional or personal life, what are you grateful for and is there an accomplishment you would like to achieve?

I am extremely grateful for my fellow co-workers who work as a team with me in providing the best care we can to our neurology patients.  They are also there for support and understanding when difficult days arise.  At CHOP we have been working hard over the past few years to raise money to fund a ketogenic diet family kitchen.  It would be a great accomplishment to see this kitchen succeed and give families a better learning opportunity while initiating the ketogenic diet.


What is your greatest frustration in this line of work?

My greatest frustration is not being able to help everyone. There are times when parents receive devastating outcomes for their children’s future and you know that there is nothing you can say to make the situation any better.


What keeps you busy in your life outside work?  (Family, volunteer work, leisure activities?)

Currently I am planning my wedding so that takes up a lot of my time.  I also enjoy spending time down at the shore with my friends and family.


Do you have any words of advice for nurses new to the field of child neurology?

One word of advice I have for new neurology nurses would be to stay calm during a patient’s seizure. Although the situation is very stressful and may even be a little intimidating, keeping calm will help the overall tone of the room.


Why did you join ACNN??

I joined the ACNN in order to get more involved in the field of child neurology nursing. Child neurology is a passion of mine and I hope to continue my growth and development as a leader in the field of pediatric neurology.