Awards and Recognition Committee

Chair: Jo Ellen Lee (
Liaison: Rebecca Schultz

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to identify appropriate individuals for ACNN awards.  Current awards include:
  • Claire Chee Award for Excellence in Child Neurology Nursing
  • CNS Education Travel Award for ACNN Members
  • Award for Innovative Clinical Practice in Child Neurology Nursing
  1. Review abstracts/posters for conference/rubrics
  2. Award Recipient review: applications for Claire Chee, NP award for Excellence, Innovative Clinical Practice

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Kathy O’Hara (
Liaison: Jennifer Coffman
  1. Update Bylaws as needed

Clinical Practice Committee

Chair: Regina Laine (
Liaison: Tara Pezzuto

The purpose of the Clinical Practice Committee is to address clinical practice issues and questions relating to child neurology nursing by:
  • Developing appropriate evidence-based nursing guidelines and/or position statements
  • Collaborating with ACNN board members, committee chairs and committee members to feature clinical practice topics
  • Working collaboratively with the CNS physician liaison on clinical practice issues
  1. Certification Exam
  2. Onboarding, Transition to practice

Communications Committee

Chair: Gretchen Heckel (
Liaison: Luz Galeano

The purpose of the communications Committee is to facilitate communication to the ACNN membership by:
  • Collaborating with the ACNN board of directors, committees and webmaster to ensure current and relevant information is shared with the membership
  • Producing a quarterly e-newsletter
  • Reviewing the website to identify need for updates of content
  1. Manage: Connect/Twitter/Facebook communication
  2. Podcast development

Continuing Education Committee

Chair:  Jennifer Coffman (
Liaison: Scott Turner

The purpose of the continuing Education committee is to provide ACNN members with opportunities to expand their knowledge in the various subspecialty fields of child neurology. The main focus of this committee is to facilitate the ACNN Annual Program that takes place each fall in conjunction with the CNS meeting.

  1. Surveying ACNN members to gain a better understanding of continuing education preferences
  2. Update and organize annual conference presentations to ACNN website
  3. Secure CE credits for conference presentations watched online

Outreach/Membership Committee

Chair: Mona Jacobson (
Liaison: Luz Galeano

The purpose of the Membership committee is to promote awareness of ACNN among nursing and other allied health care communities, coordinate the membership process, develop strategies to recruit new members, and encourage regional leadership and activities by:
  • Coordinating the membership process
  • Facilitating the ACNN exhibit hall booth at the annual CNS meeting
  1. Development of regional groups across the country
  2. Members – Validate, streamline

Planning Committee

Chair: Liz Rende (
Liaison: Tara Pezzuto

  1. Outline planning requirements for each conference
  2. Organize schedule, food & events

Research Committee

Chair: Scott Turner (
Liaison: Rebecca Schultz

The purpose of the Research Committee is to promote awareness of the nursing research processes and support/mentor and recognize research initiatives by ACNN members. Committee members facilitate the Elizabeth F. Hobdell ACNN-CNF Nursing Research Grant process. Organize the Annual Run/Walk Fundraiser at the annual meeting.

  1. Hobdell promotion/evaluation
  2. Develop, encourage and promote scholarship among ACNN Members