Tara Pezzuto

Tara Pezzuto


I am a clinically practicing APRN in the division of child neurology at Nemours in Wilmington, Delaware. I am the Director of our Nemours Neurology Headache Program and I have a passion for improved care for all children with migraine headaches. I also have great respect for all Neurology providers and hope to improve autonomy in practice for our nurses as well as greater outreach to the pediatric communities that need neurological care. I am excited to be president elect and look forward to working with our ACNN group to encourage full scope of practice for APRN’s in specialty practice and greater confidence in all nurses in care of pediatric neurology patients. My hope is that through example, education and the establishment of certification exams within specialties we will all learn to have the confidence, competence and strength to function independently within our roles.

Maureen Sheehan, President Elect

Maureen Sheehan

Past President

Maureen Sheehan is a CPNP in the Child Neurology and Epilepsy Programs at Stanford Children’s Healthcare in Palo Alto CA. She has been working with ACNN on the website update, her work with computers began in the 70’s with a mainframe that filled an entire basement! Maureen’s professional interests include the ketogenic diet, the psychosocial aspects of epilepsy, and teaching anyone and everyone about neurology and epilepsy.

: Epilepsy, ketogenic diet, CBIT for tics
Goal: Through updating the website and using the Connect group conversation function, make ACNN the group to join for the latest in all things child neurology nursing.
Fun Fact: Prior to becoming a nurse in my 40’s, I had many careers. Maybe the most unusual was the years I spent teaching sign language to Koko the gorilla. And yes, she really can sign! 

Gretchen Heckel

Gretchen Heckel


Gretchen Heckel is a Ambulatory Nurse Clinician at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Neurology clinic. She has been working in pediatric neurology since 2007. She has been the Muscular Dystrophy Clinic coordinator since that time as well. As a new member to the ACNN board she hopes to assist in the building and expansion of their outreach and research divisions.

: Neuromuscular
Goal: To improve outreach to current members and new membership approval as well as increase awareness/communication regarding the research grants
Fun Fact: I have gone skydiving three times and I love to sew when I have time. 

Sue Yudovin, Director

Sue Yudovin


: Pediatric epilepsy surgery, concussion/TBI
Goal: My goal is to recruit new members in general, but specifically to the board.
Fun Fact: I love dogs!!! 


Jennifer Coffman   JENNIFER COFFMAN


     Email: Jennifer.Coffman@childrenscolorado.org

Nicole Holuba LaMarca

Mona Jacobson


Mona Jacobson is a CPNP in the Department of Neurology at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Mona has been working in pediatric neurology for 6 years after spending 22 years in pediatric primary care. Mona came to the ACNN board as a director after serving on the planning committee for the very successful 2016 ACNN Vancouver conference.

Specialty: General pediatric neurology and stroke
Goal: My goal is increasing ACNN membership and interest through expansion of regional meetings. I would also like to see increased collaboration between ACNN and CNS.
Fun Fact: I lived in Nepal for 2 years while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer.

Rebecca Schultz portrait

Rebecca Schultz


I am a nurse scientist and CPNP in the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program and the Blue Bird Circle Rett Center at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas.  I am also Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology at Baylor College of Medicine and Adjunct Faculty at Texas Woman’s University, Houston, Texas.  I have been working in pediatric neurology since 1988; first, at the Blue Bird Circle Rett Center, then the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program in 2001. I direct our ketogenic diet program where my passion is individualizing the diet to achieve seizure control as well as adherence.  Another passion is transition from pediatric to adult health care for youth with neurological disorders. My research interests include the psycho-social aspects of epilepsy in youth, efficacy and side effects of the ketogenic diet, and transition of adolescents with epilepsy from pediatric to adult care. I lecture at the local, state, and national level about the treatment and care of youth with epilepsy and transitioning adolescents with epilepsy to adult care.

Specialty: Refractory epilepsy, Ketogenic diet, Vagus Nerve Stimulation, Rett syndrome and related disorders, Transition of care from pediatric to adult health care

ACNN experience:  I have been a member of ACNN for many years. In 2013, I had the privilege of giving the keynote address, “Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Health Care:  A Journey”, for the ACNN annual meeting. Soon thereafter, I was invited to join the Child Neurology Foundation as a member of the Transitioning Author Panel which transformed into the Transition Project Advisory Committee where I continue to serve not only as an advisor, but also as the RN/APRN Representative to the Association of Child Neurology Nurses.

Goals: 1) Continue to provide high-quality educational programs to our membership; 2) Foster ongoing collaboration between members of ACNN and CNS and CNF so our nursing expertise is heard and utilized throughout the organization.