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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to all who participated in our recent Board election, and congratulations to our new Board members: Nancy Bass (President-Elect), Karl Kuban (Secretary-treasurer), and Soe Mar (Director-at-Large).  Our new Board is going to be hitting the ground running as it is already time to start preparations for our next meeting in San Diego! 

Aside from these preparations, there are several other important issues needing consideration and comment from all PCN members.  First, we have been looking to revise key aspects of the PCN By-laws to include changes to the membership rules.  Currently, we have individual membership for the PCN, meaning that the individual is responsible to apply for and to maintain their membership.  I am concerned that this form of membership has not kept up with the recent evolution of the PCN to better engage with Residency and Fellowship Program Directors .  Individual membership does not easily allow for the smooth transition through program leadership changes, and new Program Directors may be lost to this valuable collaborative resource.  As such, I am proposing a change to institutional membership for all programs.  The primary stakeholder in PCN missional activity really is the training program.  The greatest potential benefit for the individual program and for our organization is to have a training program’s division chief, program director, associate program director, and program coordinator actively involved in PCN activities. Guaranteeing each program three slots (for, say $350) could guarantee continuity of each program’s representation in the PCN (and PCCN) and would underwrite long term PCN planning that to include:

  • CME programming at the meeting
  • Regular webinars
  • PCN representation with partner organizations to include the ACGME, ABPN, CNS, UCNS, AAN, and AAP
  • “Automatic” enrollment in Junior Membership for all PGY1-5/6 residents in PCN-represented/ACGME-accredited training programs
  • Future growth of Pellock and CNCDP programs
  • Continued access to regular communications, including eConnections and PCN Connect workspace

Of note, we would encourage former chiefs and training directors to continue their membership by paying individual dues of $130.  In the coming weeks, I will be sending out a request for comments regarding this proposal so that it can be fully vetted prior to formally moving forward.

A second important goal for the coming months is the revitalization of our PCN sub-committees to include the Membership, Post-graduate Training, Undergraduate Training, and Match Committees.  In early discussions with our Board members, there may be additional committees that might also be developed to help address aspects for training for the next generation of child neurologists.  As part of this effort, we will be soliciting members to join the various committees, develop leadership structure, and define action plans.

I am looking forward to our greater engagement together as we all work to re-define the PCN and build on the wonderful successes of this organization!

Tim Lotze, MD