1. Three 45-minute "Meet the Expert" sessions will be selected for presentation from among SIG-submitted proposals.

2. "Meet the Expert" sessions are scheduled concurrently on Tuesday, October 16, 12:00 - 12:45 pm, immediately following the morning Presidential Symposium and immediately preceding lunch (served in the Exhibit Hall/Poster Review area).

3. The featured expert may introduce him/herself, present a brief (5 minute) overview of his/her work in the field, then open the session up to
a) prepared cases (recommended maximum of 3)
b) questions from the audience, or
c) a combination of a & b.
You may also choose to structure the session as an open forum  Q&A with a pre-assigned facilitator "interviewing" and/or facilitating presentation of cases or framing and following up with audience questions.

4. No CME will be given for this session. No financial disclosure or conflict of interest statement or slides are required, therefore, but transparency is always encouraged.

5. Pre-registration for up to 80 attendees for each "Meet the Expert" session will be available, with priority given to actively participating members of the presenting SIG. Room for additional 20 "walk-in" attendees will be available for each session. 


WATCH FOR “SIG GUIDED POSTER TOUR” applications in August. Three guided poster tours for each of three poster review sessions will be selected, with each SIG proposing “tour guide” and 4-6 posters in their interest area to be included on tour.